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Spencer, Herbert, Society an Organism 1
""Predatory and Industrial Societies 718
Spider, A Sound-Producing 383
Spontaneous Generation, Air-Germs and. (Illustrated.) 91
Spontaneous Generation, Air-Germs and. (Illustrated.) 448
Spontaneous Generation, Air-Germs and. (Illustrated.) 638
"Hypnotism 633
Steam, Apotheosis of 430
Stone Battle-Axe 612
Stonehenge, Who erected 750
Storms, Blasius's Theory of. (Illustrated.) 294
Strain, Effects of, on Magnetism of Soft Iron 124
Streams, Damming of, by Ice 379
Subterranean Streams in South Carolina 197
Suez Canal, its Present Condition 508
Sulphide of Carbon as an Insecticide 767
Sunday and the Centennial Exhibition 364
Supernatural, Prepossessions for and against the 21

Taine, Hippolyte, Lingual Development in Babyhood 129
Tanning Process, A New 118
Telegraphy, Recent Advances in. (Illustrated.) 71
Temperature of Germination 121
Thompson, Benjamin, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 231
Thomson, Wyville, on Oceanic Circulation 506
Thudichum, Dr. J. L. W., Character of Liebig 49
Thunder-Storms, Dry 765
Thymol, its Antiseptic Properties 381
Trades, Unhealthy 634
Transformation of Species 122
Trumpet of the Crane. (Illustrated.) 137
Tylor, Ordeals and Oaths 307
Tyndall, Prof. John, Lessons in Electricity 30
Tyndall, Prof. John, Lessons in Electricity 158
Tyndall, Prof. John, Lessons in Electricity 331

"Uncertainty and Vanity of Science" 351
Unhealthy Trades 634
Utah, Social Experiments in 479

Variation, Accidental 750
Vegetarianism 118
Victoria Cave, Exploration of 125
Vivisection in England 382
Voice in Man and Animals 385
Voice in Man and Animals 513

Ward, L. F., Local Distribution of Plants 676
Water-Hammer 362
Weddas of Ceylon 120
What are Species? 409
What constitutes Religion? 239
Wheeler, C. G., Science in Argentine Republic 463
Who shall study the Babies? 241