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This page needs to be proofread.

�Observes the ™°?" ^'" ^^°^ '^^^^ when he Observes the road sign above, erected by the Ashevdle, N. C, Motor Club at a danger spot.

��An automatic device for conducting vapor, after surplus water has been drawn off, from the radiator to the air intake of the carburetor. It in creases power and prevents carbon



A combined spot light and mirror. The three sets of reflecting surfaces are so arranged as to prevent glare

��A lock for Fords, which consists of a hinged device that fits over the front spring clip and crank

���A twelve-cylinder, two hundred horseoowpr „,. i motor installed in a racing car. Inarecentf.:lVu^'^ attained a speed of one huUd and fiftS^mSs an W fififi

�� �