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and New Accessories for the Business Car

���Aii :::come-prodi;c;:;^ b:c\\-!^ ;;l^^

an extra wheel for a stabilizer, and two chains, one of which turns a small grindstone

��The chauffeur presses a button in a post at the edge of the sidewalk, and the doors, electrically operated, immediately open

����A new motorcycle delivery car which is especially suited for the transporta- tion of tools and supplies

��A tire tool which re- moves split demounta- ble rims without delay

��! ■■ -4lH||8i^^

���A new departure in tires — a cord pneumatic truck tire for passen- ger bus service and for sight-see- ing automobiles

��A camping stove which collapses into a box seventeen by nine by five inches

��A speedy three -wheeled automobile with a two- cylinder engine, built by a Michigan photographer


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