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      Outspeed the sun around the orbèd world;
      And as thy chariot cleaves the kindling air,
      Thou breathe into the many-folded shell,
      Loosening its mighty music; it shall be
      As thunder mingled with clear echoes; then
      Return; and thou shalt dwell beside our cave.

      And thou, O Mother Earth!--

                                   I hear, I feel;
      Thy lips are on me, and thy touch runs down
      Even to the adamantine central gloom
      Along these marble nerves; 't is life, 't is joy,
      And, through my withered, old, and icy frame
      The warmth of an immortal youth shoots down
      Circling. Henceforth the many children fair
      Folded in my sustaining arms; all plants,
      And creeping forms, and insects rainbow-winged,
      And birds, and beasts, and fish, and human shapes,
      Which drew disease and pain from my wan bosom,
      Draining the poison of despair, shall take
      And interchange sweet nutriment; to me
      Shall they become like sister-antelopes
      By one fair dam, snow-white, and swift as wind,
      Nursed among lilies near a brimming stream.