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      The dew-mists of my sunless sleep shall float
      Under the stars like balm; night-folded flowers
      Shall suck unwithering hues in their repose;
      And men and beasts in happy dreams shall gather
      Strength for the coming day, and all its joy;
      And death shall be the last embrace of her
      Who takes the life she gave, even as a mother,
      Folding her child, says, 'Leave me not again.'

      Oh, mother! wherefore speak the name of death?
      Cease they to love, and move, and breathe, and speak,
      Who die?

                It would avail not to reply;
      Thou art immortal and this tongue is known
      But to the uncommunicating dead.
      Death is the veil which those who live call life;
      They sleep, and it is lifted; and meanwhile
      In mild variety the seasons mild
      With rainbow-skirted showers, and odorous winds,
      And long blue meteors cleansing the dull night,
      And the life-kindling shafts of the keen sun's
      All-piercing bow, and the dew-mingled rain
      Of the calm moonbeams, a soft influence mild,
      Shall clothe the forests and the fields, ay, even