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      All spirits are enslaved which serve things evil:
      Thou knowest if Jupiter be such or no.

      Whom called'st thou God?

                                I spoke but as ye speak,
      For Jove is the supreme of living things.

      Who is the master of the slave?

                                       If the abysm
      Could vomit forth its secrets--but a voice
      Is wanting, the deep truth is imageless;
      For what would it avail to bid thee gaze
      On the revolving world? What to bid speak
      Fate, Time, Occasion, Chance and Change? To these
      All things are subject but eternal Love.

      So much I asked before, and my heart gave
      The response thou hast given; and of such truths
      Each to itself must be the oracle.
      One more demand; and do thou answer me
      As my own soul would answer, did it know
      That which I ask. Prometheus shall arise
      Henceforth the sun of this rejoicing world:
      When shall the destined hour arrive?