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Whate'er thou doest, never grieve thy brother,
Nor kindle fumes of wrath his peace to smother;
   Dost thou desire to taste eternal bliss,
Vex thine own heart, but never vex another!


Thou! to please whose love and wrath as well,
Allah created heaven and likewise hell;
   Thou hast thy court in heaven, and I have
Why not admit me in thy courts to dwell?


So many cups of wine will I consume,
Its bouquet shall exhale from out my tomb,
   And every one that passes by shall halt,
And reel and stagger with that mighty fume.

15.   L. b.   Line 1 is in metre 14.

16.   Bl. L.   The person addressed is the prophet Muhammad.   The Sufis were fond of dwelling on the opposition between the beautiful (jamál) and terrible (jalál) attributes of Deity.   Gulshan i Raz, p. 27.

17.   Bl. C. L. N. A. I. J.