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    There thou, fair offspring of immortal Mind!
Love's radiant goddess, Idol of mankind!
Once the bright object of Devotion's vow,
Shalt claim from taste a kindred worship now.
Oh! who can tell what beams of heavenly light,
Flash'd o'er the sculptor's intellectual sight,
How many a glimpse, reveal'd to him alone,
Made brighter beings, nobler worlds his own;
Ere, like some vision sent the earth to bless,
Burst into life, thy pomp of loveliness!

    Young Genius there, while dwells his kindling eye
On forms, instinct with bright divinity;
While new-born powers, dilating in his heart,
Embrace the full magnificence of art;
From scenes, by Raphael's gifted hand array'd,
From dreams of heaven, by Angelo pourtray'd;
From each fair work of Grecian skill sublime,
Seal'd with perfection, 'Sanctified by time;'