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The Life and Death of

notice of the fact on its title-page. That of the later part of the edition, however, read as follows:

THE / Tragedie of King / Richard the Second: / With new additions of the Parlia- / ment Sceane, and the deposing / of King Richard, / As it hath been lately acted by the Kinges / Maiesties seruantes, at the Globe. / By William Shake-speare. / AT LONDON, / Printed by W. W. for Matthew Law, and are to / be sold at his shop in Paules Church-yard, / at the signe of the Foxe. / 1608.

The Fifth Quarto (1615) followed the fourth, and seems to have become the basis of the First Folio text, supplemented and corrected by a purer version, which Pollard conjectures to have been a copy of the First Quarto annotated for use in the theater. The First Folio text, while full of inferior readings, supplies the division into acts and scenes, fuller stage directions, and a superior text of the abdication scene. From the Folio, however, are omitted about fifty lines printed in all the Quartos; the longer omissions seem to be in the nature of cuts to shorten the time of performance. They occur in nine places, as follows:

I. iii. 129–133 III. ii. 29–32
I. iii. 239–242 III. ii. 49
I. iii. 268–293 III. ii. 182
II. ii. 77 IV. i. 52–59
V. iii. 99

The present text is based on that of Craig's Oxford Shakespeare (Oxford, the Clarendon Press), which is eclectic between the First Quarto and the First Folio. Where practicable, the stage directions of the early editions have been restored. The list of dramatis personæ, the scene locations, and such stage directions as are supplied from later sources are inclosed in brackets. Certain spellings in Craig have been altered: naught for nought, whilst for while, antic for antick, forgo for forego, yon for yond. Other departures from the Oxford text are listed below,