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King Richard the Second

the reading of the present edition before the colon, the Oxford reading after it.

I. i. 51 this.: this:

72 except.: except:

168 death, that: death that

187 O God, . . . sin!: O! God defend . . . sin.

ii. 23 self mould Qq: self-mould F1

iii. 118 Stay Qq, F1: Stay, stay

II. i. 18 As praises, of whose taste the wise are fond; Q1: As praises of his state: then there are fond (sound F1)

20 listen;: listen:

121 son,: son,—

183 kindred Qq: kindred's F1

203 letters-patents Qq, F1: letters-patent

240 moe Qq, F1: more

II. ii. 15 shows . . . is Qq, F1: show . . . are

57 And all the rest revolted Q1: And all the rest of the revolted

112 T' one Q1: the one

113 t' other Q1: the other

iii. 5 Draws . . . makes Qq, F1: Draw . . . make

35 directions Qq: direction F1

80 self-borne F1 (selfeborne Q1): self-born F3–4

125 cousin Qq: kinsman F1

III. ii. 55 balm off from Qq: balm from F1

64 farther Qq, F1: further

iii. 52 this Qq, F1: the

62 S. d. Boling. Qq: H.Percy

91 stands Qq: is F1

202 hands Qq: hand F1

iv. S. d. Enter a Gardener &c., between 23 and 24 Qq, F1: between 28 and 29

IV. i. 33 sympathy Qq: sympathies F1

145 raise Qq: rear F1

263 good—: good,

276 that F1: the Q3–4

V. i. 39 thy Q1: my Q2–4, F1

43 quite their griefs Q1: quit their grief F1

ii. 18 from the one Qq: from one F1

58 see Qq: sees F1

67 himself?: himself!

iii. 1 tell me of Qq: tell of F1

21 sparks of better hope Qq, F1: sparkles of a better hope

22 years Qq: days F1