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King Richard the Second, I. iii

Though this be all, do not so quickly go; 64
I shall remember more. Bid him—ah, what?—
With all good speed at Plashy visit me.
Alack! and what shall good old York there see
But empty lodgings and unfurnish'd walls, 68
Unpeopled offices, untrodden stones?
And what hear there for welcome but my groans?
Therefore commend me; let him not come there,
To seek out sorrow that dwells everywhere. 72
Desolate, desolate will I hence, and die:
The last leave of thee takes my weeping eye.



Scene Three

[Open Space, near Coventry. Lists set out, and a Throne]

Enter Marshal and Aumerle.

Mar. My Lord Aumerle, is Harry Hereford arm'd?

Aum. Yea, at all points, and longs to enter in.

Mar. The Duke of Norfolk, sprightfully and bold,
Stays but the summons of the appellant's trumpet. 4

Aum. Why, then, the champions are prepar'd, and stay
For nothing but his majesty's approach.

Flourish. Enter King, Gaunt, Bushy, Bagot, Green, and others; when they are set, enter the Duke of Norfolk in arms, defendant.

66 Plashy: her seat in Essex
68 unfurnish'd: without hangings
69 offices: kitchens and other service rooms
71 commend me: remember me to him

3 sprightfully: with high spirit
6 S. d. Flourish: a triumphant trumpet call