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The Life and Death of

K. Rich. Marshal, demand of yonder champion
The cause of his arrival here in arms: 8
Ask him his name, and orderly proceed
To swear him in the justice of his cause.

Mar. In God's name, and the king's, say who thou art,
And why thou com'st thus knightly clad in arms, 12
Against what man thou com'st, and what thy quarrel.
Speak truly, on thy knighthood and thine oath;
As so defend thee heaven and thy valour!

Mow. My name is Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, 16
Who hither come engaged by my oath,—
Which God defend a knight should violate!—
Both to defend my loyalty and truth
To God, my king, and his succeeding issue, 20
Against the Duke of Hereford that appeals me;
And, by the grace of God and this mine arm,
To prove him, in defending of myself,
A traitor to my God, my king, and me: 24
And as I truly fight, defend me heaven!
[He takes his seat.]

The trumpets sound. Enter Duke of Hereford, appellant, in armour.

K. Rich. Marshal, ask yonder knight in arms,
Both who he is and why he cometh hither
Thus plated in habiliments of war; 28
And formally, according to our law,
Depose him in the justice of his cause.

Mar. What is thy name? and wherefore com'st thou hither,
Before King Richard in his royal lists? 32

10 swear him in: make him take oath as to
18 defend: forbid
30 Depose: examine under oath