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King Richard the Second, II. ii

And bring away the armour that is there.
[Exit Servant.]
Gentlemen, will you go muster men? If I know 108
How or which way to order these affairs
Thus thrust disorderly into my hands,
Never believe me. Both are my kinsmen:
T' one is my sovereign, whom both my oath 112
And duty bids defend; t' other again
Is my kinsman, whom the king hath wrong'd,
Whom conscience and my kindred bids to right.
Well, somewhat we must do. Come, cousin, 116
I'll dispose of you. Gentlemen, go muster up your men,
And meet me presently at Berkeley Castle.
I should to Plashy too:
But time will not permit. All is uneven, 120
And everything is left at six and seven.

Exeunt [York and Queen].

Bushy. The wind sits fair for news to go to Ireland,
But none returns. For us to levy power
Proportionable to the enemy 124
Is all unpossible.

Green. Besides, our nearness to the king in love
Is near the hate of those love not the king.

Bagot. And that's the wavering commons; for their love 128
Lies in their purses, and whoso empties them,
By so much fills their hearts with deadly hate.

Bushy. Wherein the king stands generally condemn'd.

Bagot. If judgment lie in them, then so do we, 132
Because we ever have been near the king.

112 T' one: the one
115 kindred: kinship
116, 117 Cf. n.
120 uneven: disordered
121 at six and seven: in confusion