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The Life and Death of

Green. Well, I'll for refuge straight to Bristol Castle;
The Earl of Wiltshire is already there.

Bushy. Thither will I with you; for little office 136
Will the hateful commons perform for us,
Except like curs to tear us all to pieces.
Will you go along with us?

Bagot. No; I will to Ireland to his majesty. 140
Farewell: if heart's presages be not vain,
We three here part that ne'er shall meet again.

Bushy. That's as York thrives to beat back Bolingbroke.

Green. Alas, poor duke! the task he undertakes 144
Is numbering sands and drinking oceans dry:
Where one on his side fights, thousands will fly.
Farewell at once; for once, for all, and ever.

Bushy. Well, we may meet again.

Bagot. I fear me, never. 148



Scene Three

[Wilds in Gloucestershire]

Enter the Duke of Hereford and Northumberland
[with Forces].

Boling. How far is it, my lord, to Berkeley now?

North. Believe me, noble lord,
I am a stranger here in Gloucestershire:
These high wild hills and rough uneven ways 4
Draws out our miles and makes them wearisome;
But yet your fair discourse hath been as sugar,
Making the hard way sweet and delectable.
But I bethink me what a weary way 8