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The Life and Death of

Methinks King Richard and myself should meet
With no less terror than the elements
Of fire and water, when their thundering shock 56
At meeting tears the cloudy cheeks of heaven.
Be he the fire, I'll be the yielding water:
The rage be his, whilst on the earth I rain
My waters; on the earth, and not on him. 60
March on, and mark King Richard how he looks.

Parley sounded without, and answer within; then a Flourish. Enter on the walls, Richard, Carlisle, Aumerle, Scroop, Salisbury.

Boling. See, see, King Richard doth himself appear,
As doth the blushing discontented sun
From out the fiery portal of the east, 64
When he perceives the envious clouds are bent
To dim his glory and to stain the track
Of his bright passage to the occident.

York. Yet looks he like a king: behold, his eye, 68
As bright as is the eagle's, lightens forth
Controlling majesty: alack, alack, for woe,
That any harm should stain so fair a show!

K. Rich. [To Northumberland.] We are amaz'd; and thus long have we stood 72
To watch the fearful bending of thy knee,
Because we thought ourself thy lawful king:
And if we be, how dare thy joints forget
To pay their awful duty to our presence? 76
If we be not, show us the hand of God
That hath dismiss'd us from our stewardship;
For well we know, no hand of blood and bone
Can gripe the sacred handle of our sceptre, 80

69 lightens: flashes
73 fearful: apprehensive
76 awful: reverential