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The Life and Death of

Aum. Thou dar'st not, coward, live to see that day.

Fitz. Now, by my soul, I would it were this hour.

Aum. Fitzwater, thou art damn'd to hell for this.

H. Percy. Aumerle, thou liest; his honour is as true 44
In this appeal as thou art all unjust;
And that thou art so, there I throw my gage,
To prove it on thee to the extremest point
Of mortal breathing: seize it if thou dar'st. 48

Aum. And if I do not may my hands rot off
And never brandish more revengeful steel
Over the glittering helmet of my foe!

Another Lord. I task the earth to the like, forsworn Aumerle; 52
And spur thee on with full as many lies
As may be holla'd in thy treacherous ear
From sun to sun: there is my honour's pawn;
Engage it to the trial if thou dar'st. 56

Aum. Who sets me else? by heaven, I'll throw at all:
I have a thousand spirits in one breast,
To answer twenty thousand such as you.

Surrey. My Lord Fitzwater, I do remember well 60
The very time Aumerle and you did talk.

Fitz. 'Tis very true: you were in presence then;
And you can witness with me this is true.

Surrey. As false, by heaven, as heaven itself is true. 64

Fitz. Surrey, thou liest.

Surrey. Dishonourable boy!
That lie shall lie so heavy on my sword
That it shall render vengeance and revenge,

47 extremest: last
52 I . . . like: I challenge the world to the same trial
57 sets, throw; cf. n.
62 in presence: present