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King Richard the Second, IV. i

Till thou the lie-giver and that lie do lie 68
In earth as quiet as thy father's skull.
In proof whereof, there is my honour's pawn:
Engage it to the trial if thou dar'st.

Fitz. How fondly dost thou spur a forward horse! 72
If I dare eat, or drink, or breathe, or live,
I dare meet Surrey in a wilderness,
And spit upon him, whilst I say he lies,
And lies, and lies: there is my bond of faith 76
To tie thee to my strong correction.
As I intend to thrive in this new world,
Aumerle is guilty of my true appeal:
Besides, I heard the banish'd Norfolk say 80
That thou, Aumerle, didst send two of thy men
To execute the noble duke at Calais.

Aum. Some honest Christian trust me with a gage.
That Norfolk lies, here do I throw down this, 84
If he may be repeal'd to try his honour.

Boling. These differences shall all rest under gage
Till Norfolk be repeal'd: repeal'd he shall be,
And though mine enemy, restor'd again 88
To all his lands and signories; when he's return'd,
Against Aumerle we will enforce his trial.

Car. That honourable day shall ne'er be seen.
Many a time hath banish'd Norfolk fought 92
For Jesu Christ in glorious Christian field,
Streaming the ensign of the Christian cross
Against black pagans, Turks, and Saracens;
And toil'd with works of war, retir'd himself 96
To Italy; and there at Venice gave
His body to that pleasant country's earth,

72 forward: eager
77 tie: obligate
85 try: prove
86 rest under gage: await decision
90 trial: i.e., by combat
94 Streaming: causative, 'making to stream out'
96 toil'd: wearied