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The Life and Death of

Aum. You holy clergymen, is there no plot 324
To rid the realm of this pernicious blot?

Abbot. My lord,
Before I freely speak my mind herein,
You shall not only take the sacrament 328
To bury mine intents, but also to effect
Whatever I shall happen to devise.
I see your brows are full of discontent,
Your hearts of sorrow, and your eyes of tears: 332
Come home with me to supper; I will lay
A plot shall show us all a merry day.




Scene One

[London. A Street leading to the Tower]

Enter Queen and Ladies.

Queen. This way the king will come; this is the way
To Julius Cæsar's ill-erected tower,
To whose flint bosom my condemned lord
Is doom'd a prisoner by proud Bolingbroke. 4
Here let us rest, if this rebellious earth
Have any resting for her true king's queen.

Enter Richard and Guard.

But soft, but see, or rather do not see,
My fair rose wither: yet look up, behold, 8
That you in pity may dissolve to dew,
And wash him fresh again with true-love tears.

329 bury: conceal
intents: designs

2 ill-erected: built under evil auspices
tower: the Tower of London