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King Richard the Second, V. i

Ah! thou, the model where old Troy did stand,
Thou map of honour, thou King Richard's tomb, 12
And not King Richard; thou most beauteous inn,
Why should hard-favour'd grief be lodg'd in thee,
When triumph is become an alehouse guest?

K. Rich. Join not with grief, fair woman, do not so, 16
To make my end too sudden: learn, good soul,
To think our former state a happy dream;
From which awak'd, the truth of what we are
Shows us but this. I am sworn brother, sweet, 20
To grim Necessity, and he and I
Will keep a league till death. Hie thee to France,
And cloister thee in some religious house:
Our holy lives must win a new world's crown, 24
Which our profane hours here have stricken down.

Queen. What! is my Richard both in shape and mind
Transform'd and weaken'd! Hath Bolingbroke depos'd
Thine intellect? hath he been in thy heart? 28
The lion dying thrusteth forth his paw
And wounds the earth, if nothing else, with rage
To be o'erpower'd; and wilt thou, pupil-like,
Take thy correction mildly, kiss the rod, 32
And fawn on rage with base humility,
Which art a lion and a king of beasts?

K. Rich. A king of beasts indeed; if aught but beasts,
I had been still a happy king of men. 36
Good sometime queen, prepare thee hence for France,
Think I am dead, and that even here thou tak'st,

11 model: ground-plan; cf. n.
14 hard-favour'd: ugly-featured
15 Cf. n.
20 sworn brother; cf. n.
24 new world's: heavenly
25 profane: of this world
34 Which: refers to Richard
37 hence: to go hence