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Aberdeen, Bishop of, loyalty to Edward I., 90; excommunication of, 272

Aberdeen, Bruce in the neighbourhood of, 137

Abernethy, Alexander of, deputed to capture Wallace, 113

Act of Settlement, fate of an, 304

Alan, Sir Brian fitz, appointed Governor of Scotland, 90

Alban, the four separate kingdoms of ancient, 28

Alexander I., the Fierce, death of, 26

Alexander II., Lord Hailes on the succession to, 66; decision of, as to Bruce, the Competitor's election to the throne, 67

Alexander III., marriage of, 34; sentiment of nationality aroused by, ib.; does homage to Edward I., 35; death of, 36; civil war following on the death of, 39

Alnwick Castle, siege of, 320

Angus, Earl of, see Umfraville

Angus of the Isles, hospitality to Bruce by, 144

Annales Londinenses, the, 172

Annals, the work of Lord Hailes entitled, 13

Arbroath, letter to Pope John XXII., from laymen at, 272-274

Argentine, Sir Giles de, bravery of, at the battle of Bannockburn, 49

Argyll, Bruce in, 184, 185

Arran, reconnaissance by Douglas in, 146; arrival of Bruce in, ib., 147

Arscoll, battle of, 236

Arundel, Earl of, leads an English force into Scotland, 246; defeated by Douglas, 247

Athol, Earl of, accompanies Edward I. to France, 90; execution of, 140

Athol, Earl of (David), captures Brechin Castle, 180; doubtful allegiance to Bruce of, 212

Aula Rubra, see Red Hall

Avignon, Randolph Moray's mission to the Pope at, 293

Ayr, Bruce holds a Parliament at, 189, 229

Ayr Castle, Bruce appointed Governor of, 112


Bain, Mr. Joseph, historical labours of, 3, 319