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Index. ���379 ���land, 128 ; appointed Captain- General of the English forces in Scotland, 187 ; at the battle of Bannockburn, 206 et seq.; death of, 219 �Gray, Sir Thomas (senior), war- like distinction of, 4 ; taken prisoner at the battle of Ban- nockburn, 208 �Gray, Sir Thomas, authorship of the Scalacronica, 5 ; warlike experiences of, ib.; narration of Bruce's flight from England, 129 ; story of the assassination of Comyn, ib. �Great Britain, the printing of public treaties in, 12 �Guacelin, Cardinal, sent to ex- communicate Bruce, 251 �Guardians, Scottish, six ap- pointed, 39 ; number of, re- duced to four, 41 ; meeting of the, with Edward I. and Eric of Norway, 42 ; dissensions be- tween the, 50 ; besiege Stir- ling Castle, 104 �H �Haco, King of Norway, defeat �of, 33 �Hailes, Lord, deceived by Bar- bour's inaccuracies, 7 > the Annals by, 13 ; praiseworthy historical researches of, ib.; Sir Walter Scott on, ib.; re- marks on the conferences be- tween Scottish nobles and Edward I., 60; opinion of, regarding Bruce's claim to the Scottish throne, 66 ; on the letter of the cardinals to the Pope, regarding Bruce, 251- 252 ; on the terms of peace be- tween Bruce and Edward II., 254 ; on summary of provisions of English Parliament at Northampton, 324, 325 �Haliburton, Ralf de, betrayer of Wallace, 117 ���Harcla, Sir Andrew de, gallant defence of Carlisle by, 231 ; makes an agreement with Bruce, 287 ; arrested by Edward II., 289 ; trial of, ib.; execution of, 290 �Hardy, Sir T. D., historical la- bours of, 3 �Harry, Blind, inaccuracy of the poem on Wallace by, 82, 84 �Hartlepool, messengers to King Eric of Norway sail from, 46 ; Douglas occupies, 231 ; in ter- ror of the Scots, 258 �Hastings, Sir John de, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 56 �Haye, Sir Gilbert de la, de- nounced a traitor by Edward I., 134 ; appointed a commis- sioner by Bruce to treat for peace with Edward II., 227 �Hemingburgh, Walter of, value of the writings of, 3 ; on Bruce's relations with Wallace, 85 ; graphic description of the bat- tle of Falkirk by, 96 �Heraldry in the time of Edward �I., I0 5 Hertford, imprisonment of de �Balliol at, 78 Hexham, burnt by the Scots, 72 ; �curious protection granted to, �94 �Highlanders, bravery of, at the battle of Biland, 284 �Highlands, free from the Eng- lish, 104 ; Bruce's plans for defence of the, 299 �Holinshed, description of the English soldiers by, 309 �Holland, Count of, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 56 �Holyrood, sack of, 282 �Homage, claim by Henry III. for, from Scotland, 35 ; in- stances of, done by Kings of Scotland to those of England, commanded to be read by Ed- ward I. at a conference at Norham, 56 ; done by de Bal- ��� �