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Index. ���liol, 68 ; done by James the Steward, 142 �Hume, David, silence of, regard- ing Bruce's claim to the Scot- tish throne, 66 �Hume, of Godscroft, anecdote of Sir James Douglas by, 16 �Huntingdon, David I. and the earldom of, 31 ���Inchaffray, Abbot of, at the bat- tle of Bannockburn, 213 �Inchcolm, Abbot of, see Bower �Ingibiorg, Princess, marriage to Malcolm Canmore of, 24 �Innes, Cosmo, edition of Bar- �. bour's Brus by, 6 �Ireland, Edward I. collects sup- plies in, 105 ; campaign of Edward de Brus in, 236-244 ; famine in, 237 ; Bruce arrives in, 239; Bruce's march through,

  1. .-244 ; supposed second ex-

pedition of Bruce into, 319 �Irvine, surrendered to the Eng- lish, 87 �Itchenstoke, Edward I. hears of the coronation of Bruce at, 132 ���J ���Jedburgh Castle, Parliament at Westminster makes provision for the safe custody of, 123 �Jedvvorth Forest, English at- tempt to level, 247 �Justiciaries, appointment of, in Scotland, 123 �K �Keith, Sir Robert de, appointed warden of Selkirk Forest, 102 ; leads a cavalry charge at Ban- nockburn, 217 ; appointed a commissioner to treat for peace with Edward II, 227 �Kenlis, battle of, 236 ���Kildrummie Castle, Parliament at Westminster orders, into the responsible keeping of the Earl of Carrick, 124 ; captured by the English, 131 �Kinghorn, death of Alexander III. at, 36 �Kirkpatrick, with Bruce at the assassination of Comyn, 130 �Kirkpatrick, Sir Roger de, ap- pointed a commissioner to treat for peace with Edward II., 227 ���Laing, Dr. David, opinion of, as to the historical accuracy of Boece and Buchanan, 12 �Lamberton, William de, Bishop of St. Andrews, appointed a Guardian of Scotland, 102 ; deputed by Edward II. to use his influence to bring the Scots to terms, 188 ; excommuni- cated, 272 ; represents Scot- land in the negotiations for peace at York, 296 ; warlike spirit of, 326 ; death of, 335 �Lanark, Wallace slays the sheriff of, 85 �Lancaster, Earl of, appointed Guardian of Scotland, 246 ; treaty between Douglas and, 279 �Lanercost, Chronicle of, charac- teristics of the, 4 ; where com- piled, ib. ; evidence regarding the history of the, ib. ; on the Scottish rebellion at the time of Wallace, 84 ; on the execu- tion of de Harcla, 290 ; on the truce between Bruce and Ed- ward II. , 306 ; on the treaty between Bruce and Edward III., 324 ; on the Scottish Coronation Stone, 328 �Largs, battle of, 33 �Leinster, incident in Bruce's in- vasion near, 240 ��� �