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Maxwell, Sir John de, entertains Wallace, 104

Melrose, proposed interview between English commissioners and Bruce near, 188

Melrose Abbey, sack of, 252; plan for restoration of, 298; Bruce's heart buried in, 362

Melton, Archbishop, English force led by, 269; warlike spirit of, 326

Menteith, Sir John de, supposed betrayal of Wallace by, 117; joins Bruce, 186

Menteith, Murdoch de, plot against Bruce by, 275

Merlin, prophecy of, 172

Methven, battle of, 135

Monthermer, Sir Ralph de, Bruce defeats, 166; released unconditionally by Bruce after Bannockburn, 224

Moray, Sir Andrew de, colleague of Wallace, 84; lays siege to Urquhart Castle, 90

Moray, Earl of, see Moray, Randolph

Moray, Sir John de, taken prisoner by the English at Carlisle, 232

Moray, Randolph, taken prisoner at Methven, 135; pardoned by Edward I., 142; taken prisoner by Douglas, 181; reason of his opposition to Bruce, 182; blockades Edinburgh Castle, 195; command at Bannockburn of, 201; bravery of, at Bannockburn, 206-209; with Edward de Brus in Ireland, 229, 237, 239; appointed joint Guardian of Scotland by Bruce, ib.; with Bruce at the battle of Biland, 283; goes on an embassy to the Pope, 293; reasons urged to the Pope for recognition of Bruce as King of Scotland, ib., 294; successful diplomacy of, 295; represents Scotland in negotiations for peace at York, 296; goes to France to arrange treaty with King Charles, 303; invades England, 308; generous rivalry between Douglas and, 312; appointed Regent after the death of Bruce, 358; death of, 369; personal appearance of, 370

Moray, Thomas, see Moray, Randolph

More, Sir Thomas de la, the chronicle by, 2

Mortimer, Earl of, charged with treachery, 318; treaty of Northampton the work of, 367

Moubray, Sir John de, defeated by Douglas, 163

Moubray, Sir Philip de, unhorses Bruce at Methven, 135; counsels Edward I. at Bannockburn, 204; delivers up Stirling Castle to Bruce, 224; enters the service of Bruce, ib.; with Edward de Brus in Ireland, 229

Myton, the Chapter of, 269


Newcastle, Balliol does homage to Edward I. at, 68; execution of Scottish prisoners at, 141; muster of an English army at, 246, 265, 307

Norham, conference between Edward I. and Scottish nobles at, 55; the scene of many exploits, 263

Norman-French spoken in Scotland, 34

Norsemen, districts of Scotland occupied by, 23

Northampton, deliberations at, regarding peace between England and Scotland, 324

Northumberland, considered a part of Scotland, 32; overrun by Wallace, 93; invaded by Edward de Brus, 226; a Scottish army invades, 257