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O'Connor, Eth, chief of Connaught, invoked as an auxiliary by Edward I., 198

Oliphant, Sir William de, defends Stirling Castle, 115

O'Neills, crown of Ireland offered to Edward de Brus by the, 228

Oriel College, Oxford, Edward I. and the founding of, 223

Orkney, death of the Maid of Norway at, 49

Ormesby, Sir William de, appointed Justiciar of Scotland, 82

Overlord of Scotland, Edward I. assumes the title of, 60, 69, 70


Pembroke, Earl of, see Valence Percy, Sir Henry de, knighted at the sack of Berwick, 73; encounters Wallace in Ayrshire, 84; campaign against Wallace by 85; created Earl of Carrick instead of Bruce, 133; appointed Warden of Scotland north of the Forth, 188

Perth, churches of, stripped of lead by Edward I. for war material, 114; Bruce captures, 191

Philip, King of France, secret treaty between de Balliol and, 71; Wallace seeks the assistance of, 103; attempts an alliance with the Scots, ib.; secures a truce between England and Scotland, 108

Picardy, de Balliol in, 79

Picts, ancient territory of the, 22

Pinkeny, Robert de, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 57

Placita Roll, account of the invasion of Scotland by Edward I. in the, 78

Pope Boniface, message to Edward I. from, 108; claim to the kingdom of Scotland by, ib.; letter from Edward I. to, 109

Pope Clement V. issues a mandate of excommunication against Bruce, 186

Pope John XXII., issues a bull commanding a truce between England and Scotland, 251; continues to act in interest of Edward II., 271; letter to Edward II. from, urging peace, 277; letter to Edward II. from, regarding consent to Bruce's title as King of Scotland, 294

Pope Nicholas IV. grants dispensation for the marriage between Prince Edward and Princess Margaret, 44

Provins, treaty of, 103


Raa, Rawe, betrayer of Wallace, 117

Rachrin (Rathlin), Bruce seeks shelter in the island of, 145

Ragman Roll, no record of de Balliol's reign in, 77; origin of the, 79; returned by Edward III. to the Scots, 328

Randolph, Thomas, see Moray, Randolph

"Randolph's Field," 209

Red Hall, at Berwick, gallant defence of, 74

Richard I. grants remission of homage to William the Lion, 32

Richmond, Earl of, appointed Warden of Scotland, 172; opposes Bruce in Galway, 174; mission to the Scots by, 279; defeated by the Scots at Biland, 283

Robert II., birth of, 230; the Scottish crown settled upon, 260

Rome, Church of, enormous political power of, 325

Rood, the Black, returned by Edward III. to the Scots, 328