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Soon again I heard her sighing,
Like an anguished spirit crying
To be loved again;
Saw her bring her costly treasure,
Lay it with a tearful pleasure
On the sandy plain;

Heard her make her peace completely,
Murmuring gratefully and sweetly,
Fully reconciled;
Smiling back to smiling heaven,
Humbly glad to be forgiven,
Like a wayward child.

And the thoughts she seemed to teach me,
In a dream they seemed to reach me,
Blending with my soul.
But my pen could ne’er portray them, '
And for lips of mine to say them
Were beyond control.

I have seen a fleecy cloud-veil thrown across
a sky of blue,
Half concealing, half reavealing all its
wondrous glorious hue.
I have seen a radiant rainbow, emblem of
eternal peace,
Dip into the surging ocean till the strife was
fain to cease;