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And nature’s favourite child, the sun, sink
gloriously to rest
With his ‘coat of many colours’ wrapped
around his glowing breast.
Or I’ve watched the ’luring moonbeams fling
their shimmering shafts of light,
Like a silver ladder leading up to regions
pure and bright.
Lightning flash, and roar of thunder, all have
come within my ken,
For the changeful skies above us have as
many moods as men;
From the blush of early morning till the
hush of midnight calm,
With the sullen gloom of tempest, or the
twilight’s soothing balm;
Thro’ an endless maze of beauty is my
tranced spirit led,
But, tho’ I should write forever, something
still would be unsaid.

How faulty the pen, and how helpless the
When strongest emotions arise in the
The sweetest of songs that has ever been
Is only a key to the vast unexpressed.

The prayer that a fond mother breathes for
her son,