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9. Agalnſt Deceit of Cloths.
10. Touching Aſſiſe for Rent going out of Lands lying in two Counties.
11. The Statute of Victuallers, Fifth and Sixth of King Richard repealed.
12. No Alien ſhall occupy any Benefice of the Church.
13. Againſt riding in Harneſs.
14. Concerning Attorneys of Defendants in Writs of Pratnunire facias.
15. Againſt Champerty and Maintenance.
16. Againſt ſending Armour or Victual into Scotland.
17. For Mainpernors to ſatisfy the Plaintiff for his Delay, where the Defendant keepeth not his Day.

Anno 8 Richardi 2.

1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, Great Charter, the Charter of the Foreſt:, and all Statutes.
2. That no Man of Law be Juſtice of Aſſiſe or Gaol-delivery in his own Country.
3. Neither the King's Juſtices, nor Barons of the Exchequer, ſhall take Fee or Reward, but of the King.
4. Againſt falſe entering of Pleas, raſing of Rolls, and changing of Verdicts.
5. Of the Juriſdidction of the Conſtable and Marſhal.

Anno 9 Richardi 2.

1. Confirmation all statutes not repealed, ſaving of a Statute made 8 R. 2. cap. 3.
2. Touching Villains flying to Cities and Boroughs.
3. For Writs of Attaint and Error for them in the Reverſion.
4. Trial whether a Prior be dative and removeable, or perpetual.
5. For Fees of Prieſts taken in the Marſhalſey of the King's Houſe.

Anno 10 Richardi 2.

AN Act for the good Governance of the Realm.

Anno 11 Richardi 2.

1. THE Archbiſhop of York and others attainted of High Treaſon.
2. Clauſ to prevent fraudulent Conveyances of their Eſtates.
3. The Eſlates of the Biſhop of Chichſter and others alſo forfeited.
4. The Penalty of concealing any Part of the ſaid Eſates,
5. Iſſuies in Tail, and Jointures of Women excepted.
6. Penalty of petitioning the King for any Grant of the faid Eflates during the War.
7. All Merchants Aliens and Denizens may buy and ſell without Interruption.
8. Certain Annuities granted by the King, made void.
9. That no new ImpoTitions be put upon Woolls, Leather, &c.
10. That no Letters from the King under the Signet or Privy Seal be ſent in Diſturbance of the Law.
11. For keeping Aſſliſes and Seſſions in chief Towns.

Anno 12 Richardi 2

1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes not repealed.
2. Touching electing of Officers.
3. & 4. Confirmation of all Statutes for Labourers and Victuallers, and for Stocks to be in every Town, for Demeanour of Labourers.
5. For Wages for Labourers, and, how they ſhall behave themſelves.
6. Concerning Weapons not to be worn by Artificers, and againſt unlawful Games to be uſed by them.
7. For Beggars.
8. Concerning ſuch as pretend themſelves to have been captive or maimed in foreign Countries.
9. Touching Vagabonds, and concerning Artificers and Labourers.
10. How many Juſtices of the Peace ſhall be in every County, and for holding of their Seſſions.
11. The Puniſhment of him that telleth Lies of the Peers or Great Officers of the Realm.
12. In what Caſes the Lords and Spiritual Perſons ſhall be contributary to the Expences of the Knights of Parliament.
13. For avoiding of Annoyances by caſting of Dung or Carrion into Ditches and other Places.
14. For the Meaſure of Cloths.
15. That none paſs out of the Realm to obtain any Benefice of Holy Church.
16. For removing the Staple from ''Middleborough'' to ''Calais''.

Anno 13 Richardi 2.

1. THE King's Preſentee ſhall not be received into a Church full of an Incumbent, till he hath recovered it by Law.
2. Touching the Juriſdiction of the Conſtable of England
3. The Juriſdiction of the Steward and Marſhals Court ſhall not exceed Twelve Mile from the King's Lodging.
4. Concerning the Duty of the Clerk of the Market of the King's Houſe.
5. Touching the Juriſdiction of the Admiral.
6. Touching Serjeants at Arms and their Office.
7. Touching the Office of Juſtices of Peace.
8. Touching Servants and Labourers, and for the Price of Victuals and Horſe Bread.
9. Touching Packing, and for true Weights and Meaſures.
10. The Length and Breadth of Cog-ware and Kendal Cloths.
11. Touching Cloths made in the Counties of Somerſet Glouceſter, Dorſet, and Briſtol.
12. Touching Tanners and Cordwainers.
13. The Ability of ſuch as ſhall be permitted to hunt.
14. Touching Recognizances and double Bonds in the Exchequer.
15. Rejoining of Caftles and Goals to the Counties.
16. Touching Protections.
17. Where he in Reverſion may be received in a Suit commenced againſt the particular Tenant. 18. Touching Attaints in Lincoln.
19. For the Preſervation of Fiſh.
20. At what Ports Pilgrims ſhall paſs out of the Realm.

Other Statutes made the fame Thirteenth Year

1. Touching Charters of Pardon.
2. Touching Proviſors.
3. An Ordinance to prevent Diſturbance in judicial Proceedings.

Anno 14 Richardi 2.

1. For removing the Staple from Calais to England.
2. Touching Exchanges to the Court of Rome.
3. The Mayor and Officers of the Staple ſhall be ſworn to the King.
4. Againſt regrating of Woolls.
5. Touching the carrying of Wooll and Lead out of the Realm by Strangers.
6. For the freighting of English Ships.
7. For the ſhipping of Tin only at Dartmouth
8. Touching gauging of Rheniſh Wine.
9. That Merchant Strangers be well intreated.

10. No Cuſtomer nor Comptroller ſhall have Ship of his own, nor ſhall hold his Office but at the King's Pleaſure.

11. For