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11. For the Number of justices of Peace in every County, and their Wages.
12. At What Value Scottish Money shall be current.

Anno 15 Ricardi 2.

1.Confirmation of former Statutes.
2. Against folcible Entries.
3. The Admirals Jurisdiction.
4. Touching the measuring Corn in London.
5. What is Mortmain.
6. In Appropriation of Churches there shall be provision made for the Poor, and a vicar.
7. Touching carrying of Victuals or Merchandizes into Scotland.
8. For the shipping of Tin, and for Repeal of a Statute made 14 Ricardi 2. cap. 7.
9. For the taking of Recognizances of the Staple.
10. Touching Cloth made in Surry, Sussex, and Southampton.
11. Touching Girdlers.
12. Against answering before the council of Lords and Ladies concerning Freehold.

Anno 16 Richardi 2.

1.Concerning Merchants Aliens retailing Merchandizes.
2. Against such as compel any Persons to appear before the council or Lords and Ladies, to answer for their Freehold.
3. That the Clerk of the Market have Weights and measures according to the Standard.
4. Touching Liveries.
5. Prernunire for purchasing Bulls from Rome.
6. Touching the obtaining Charters of Pardon.

Anno 17. Richardi 2.

1.AGainst the melting of Money to make Plate, and prohibiting foreign coins.
2. Touching Cloths.
3. Touching Transportation or Worsteds.
4. For the cleansing or Malt sold in London.
5. For certain Officers to have no Estate in their Offices for Life nor Years, but only at the King‘s Pleasure.
6. For Damages for them that he vex before the Counsel, or in the Chancery, upon untrue Suggestions.
7. Touching the carrying of corn out of the Realm.
8. Against riots and unlawful Assemblies.
9. That justices of Peace be Conservators of the Statutes for Preservation of Salmon.
10. Two learned Men in the Law shall be in every Commisson of Gael Delivery.
11. Aldermen of London shall not he elected early, but remain until they be put out for reasonable cause.
12. An Explanation of the Statute 18 Edw. 3. cap. 10. That the Mayor, Aldermen, &c. of London, shall not incur the Penalty of the said Statute for erroneous judgment. 13. The Ward of Farrigndon Without shall elect an Alderman.

Anno 20 Richardi 2.

1.Against riding or going armed.
2. Touching Liveries.
3. That no Lords nor others sit with Justices of Assise on the Bench.
4. That no Ship be compelled to come to any Port in England.
5. Against taking or Horses without Warrant.
6. An Act licencing Belknap and others to come into England.

Anno 21 Richardi 2.

1.Confirmation of the Liberties of the Holy Church, and of all cities, Boroughs, and Commonalities.
2. Repeal of the Commission made to the Earl of Arundel, and others.
3. For the Forfeiture and Punishment of Traytors.
4., 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14. Acts touching the King and conservation of the Realm.
15. The King's general pardon.
16. Authority given to certain Comissioners to examine and answer Petitions.
17. Against Licences to ship Merchandises of the Staple.
18. For carrying Lastage of stones to Calais, to repair the same.
19. Confirmation of Statutes made for pulling down of Wears. 20. Against them that pursue to reverse any Thing made in this Parliament.

Anno I Henrici IV.

1.Confirmation of all Charters, and of all Liberties of the Church, and Statutes heretofore made and not repealed.
2. For the Safeguard of them which came in with King Henry the Fourth.
3. Repeal or the Parliament in the 21st Year of King Richard the Second.
4. Confirmation of the Parliament holden in the 11th Year of King Richard the Second.
5. For Restitution of those which were attained in the 21st Year of Richard the Second.
6. Touching Letters Patents to be made by the King.
7. Touching Liveries.
8. For Relief of them that be put out at their Lands by Suggestion made to the King.
9. A Confirmation of Sales of Forfeitures made by great Officers of King Ricahrd the Second.
10. Touching Offences made Treason in the 21st Year of King Richard the Second.
11. How far Sheriffs shall he charged with the antient Farms of the County.
12. Confirmation of divers Statutes, made for pulling down of Wears.
13. Customers, Controllers, Searchers, &c.. shall abide in their Offices during the King's Pleasure.
14. Touching the Determination of Appeals.
15. For Redress of Errors and Misprisons in Government in the City of London.
16. That Londoners be free of packing of Cloths.
17. Aliens Victuallers shall be free to buy and sell.
18. Touching Process against such of the County of Chesterwhich commit Felony in another Shire.
19. Touching the Duty upon Cloths.
20. The King’s Pardon.

Anno 2 Henrici 4.

1.COnfirmation of Statutes and Liberties.
2. An Exposition on the Statute of 1 H. 4. cap. 6. concernig Gifts and Grants to he made by the King.
3. Against Provisions made by the court of Rome.
4. An Act prohibiting religious Persons to purchase Bulls from Rome.
5. Against the carriage of Money out of the Realm.
6 Flemish and Scottish Money shall be turned into Bullion.
7. Touching Nonsuits after verdict against the Plaintiff.

8. The Fee of the Cyrographer of the common Pleas for a Fine levied.

9. Far