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C. 23–27.
Anno tertio Edwardi I.
A. D. 1275.

None shall be distrained for a Debt that he oweth not.

2 Inst. 204.

A Stranger shall not be distrained for Debt

It is provided also, That in no City, Borough, Town, Market, or Fair, there be no Foreign Person (which is of this Realm) distrained for any Debt wherefore he is not Debtor or Pledge; and whosoever doth it, (hall be grievously punished, and without Delay the Distress shall be delivered unto him by the Bailiffs of the Place, or by the King's Bailiffs, if need be.

The Remedy if an Officer of the King do disseise any.

IT is provided also, That no Escheator, Sheriff, nor other Bailiff of the King, by Colour of his Office, without special Warrant, or Commandment, or Authority certain pertaining to his Office, disseise any Man of his Freehold, nor of any Thing belong- ing to his Freehold; (2) and if any do, it shall be at the Election of the Disseisee, whether that the King by Office shall cause it to be amended at his Complaint, or that he will sue at the Common Law by a Writ of Novel disseisin;2 Inst. 260(3) and he that is at- tainted thereof shall pay double Damages to the Plain- tiff, and shall be grievously amerced unto the King.

See 1 R. 2. c. 9. concerning Alienations made after Disseisin.

None shall commit Champerty, to have Part of the Tiling in Question.

29 H. 7. 18. 215 H.7. 2. 2 Regist. 182. 2 Rast. 119. 22 Inst. 297. 2See c. 28. 2Enforced by 13 Ed. 1. Stat. 1. c. 49. 28 Ed. 1. stat. 3. c. 11. 33 Ed 1. stat 3 2And see 32 H.8. c. 9 ordaining that Proclamation of the Statutes of Maintenance and Champtrey shall be made at the Assises.

NO Officer of the King by themslves, nor by ' j_^ other, fhall maintain Pleas, Suits, or Matters ' hanging jn the King's Courts, for Lands, Tene- 4 ments, or other Things, for to have Part or Profit

  • thereof by Covenant made between them ; and he
  • that doth, fhall be punifhed at the King's Pleafure.'

CAP. XXVI. None of the King's Officers shall commit Extortion.

Co. Lit. 308 2 Inst. 209. See infra, c. 27 & 30.

AND that no Sheriff, nor other the King's Officer, take any Reward to do his Office, but shall be paid of that which they take of the King; and he that so doth, shall yield twice as much, and shall be punished at the King's Pleasure.