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A. D. 1275. Anno tertio Edward 1 I. C. 28 — 30. 5 1 Cotton MS. cienement feuft ufee ; & qi autrement le fra, ren • dra le treble de ceo qil avera pris, & perdra le fer- vice fon feignur per un an. ' old Time; (3) and he that doth contrary fhall pay ' Thrice fo much as he hath taken, and fhall lofe the ' Service of his Mafter for one Year.'

  • Inft. 210.

See 13 Ed. x. r.44. for Punijhment on Officers of the Courts taking more than their Fees. And fee the References to the foregoing CI after, CAP. XXVIII. Clerks fhall not commit Maintenance *. ET que null Clerc le Roi, ne de fes Juftices, . ' A ND that none of the King's Clerks, nor of any There (hall be ne refceive deforemes prefentement defglife, ' 2x. Jufticer, from henceforth fhall receive the Pre- no Maimenan dount plei ou contek foit en la Court le Roi, faunz efpecial congie le Roi ; & ceo defend il fur Seine de perdre fon fervice : Et que nul Clerc de uftice, ne de Vifcont, ne mainteigne parties en quereles, nen bufoignes qe font en la Court le Roi, ne fraude ne face, pur commune drditure delaier ou deftourber ; & fi nul le fait, il ferra puny per la peine profcheinement avaunt dite, ou per plus grevous, fi le trefpas le requert. ' fentment of any Church, for the which any Plea or of any Matter Debate is in the King's Court, without fpecial Li- pending in the cence of the King ; and that the King forbiddeth, K ' n "=' sCoutt ' upon Pain to lofe the Church, and his Service : And that no Clerk of any Jufticer, or Sheriff, take Part in any Quarrels of Matters depending in the King's Court, nor fhall work any Fraud, whereby common Right may be delayed or difturbed ; and if Regift. 18s any fo do, he fhall be punifhed by the Pain aforefaid, Raft ' IJ 9> or more grievoufly, if the Trefpafs do fo require.' r-7. Enforced by 13 Ed. 1. fiat. I. c. tct. 28 Ed. 3. c. II. 33 Ed. I. fiat. 7. & '3. I Ed. 3. flat. 2. c. 14. 4EJ.3.C.11. 20 Ed. 3. c. ■ -4. and 1 R. 2. 0,4. which provides Penalties againfi Maintenors. Add 32 H. 8. c . 9. againji Bracery and buying of Titles, ivbich farther enforces the Statutes again/1 Maintenance.

  • It is objervable that lie Offences of Maintenance and Champerty are often confounded, and indifcrijninately ufeJ, but Champerty fignifes a Barm

gain ivitb the Plaintiff or Defendant in any Suit to have Part of the Land, Debt, or other Thing on Suit, if the Party that undertakes it prevails therein. Maintenance is the unlawful upholding a Caufc or Pcrfon, or the buying of pretended Bights to Lands, &c. Every Champerty, as Lord Ctke observes, is Maintenance j but every Maintenance is not Champerty 1 For Champerty is but a Species of Maintenance, ivbich is the Genus, CAP. XXIX. The Penalty of a Serjeant or Pleader committing Deceit. PUrveu eft enfement, qe fi nul ferjaunt, Count Countre ou autre, face nule manere de de- ceite, ou de collufion en la Court le Roi, ou con- fente de faire la en deceite de la Court, & pur en- giner la court, ou la partie, & de ceo foit atteint ; tors eit la prifone dun an & dun jour, & mes ne foit oie en la Court a counter per nulluy. Et fi ceo eft autre que countour, per mefme la manere eit la prifone dun an & dun jour a tout le meins ; & fi le trefpas demaunde greivoure peine, foit a la volume le Roi. c» 4. and 18 H, 6. c. 9. •tcbii IT is provided alfo, That if any Serjeant, Pleader, ii«ft, 212,413. or other, do any Manner of Deceit or Collufion in the King's Court, or confent unto it, in Deceit of the Court, or to beguile the Court, or the Party, and thereof be attainted, he fhall be imprifoned for a Year and a Day, and from thenceforth fhall not be heard to plead in that Court for any Man ; (2) and if he be no Pleader, he fhall be imprifoned in like Manner by the Space of a Year and a Day at lea'ft ; and if the Trefpafs lequire greater Punifhment, it fhall be at f «f°"'f **f ">• the King's Pleafure.' c!I /o* H <t b makes the 10 H. 6. c. 4. perpetual. Raft, 2. II Ed. 4. 3b. Palmer 28S. Salk, ji". C A P. XXX. Extortion by Juftices Officers. ET puree qe multz des gentz fe pleinent qe les ferjauntes, criours de fee, & les Marefchalx des Juftices en Eyre, & des autres Juftices, per- cent a tort deniers de ceux qi recoverent feifine de terre, ou qui wainent galgneni lours querels, & de fine leve, & des jurours, viles, prifonns, & des autres attachez a plee de la corone, autrement qe faire ne deufTent, en multz des maneres ; & de ceo qil y ad pluis graunt nombre deux qe aver ne deuft, per quei le poeple eft malement greve ; le Roi defende, qe ceftes chofes ne foient faites de- foremes ; & fi nul ferjeaunt de fee le face, lofnce foit pris en la main le Roi ; et fi Marefchals des Tvftices le fucent, foient puniz grevement a la vo- iunte le Roi ; & a touzles pleintifs, lun & lautre, tende le treble de ceo qil avera iffi pris, c, 44. For Punij ND forafmuch as many complain themfelves of nEd. 4. 3'. b. Officers, Cryers of Fee, and the Maifhals of4 Inft - ,QI - " Juftices in Eyre, taking Money wrongfully of fuch " as recover Seifih of Land, or of them that obtain " their Suits, and of Fines levied, and of Jurors, " Towns, Prifoners, and of others attached upon Pleas " of the Crown, otherwife than they ought to do, in " divers Manners ; (2) and forafmuch as there is a " greater Number of them than there ought to be, " whereby the People are fore grieved ," 'The King ' commandeth that fuch Things be no more done from ' henceforth; (3) and if any Officer of Fee doth it, c his Office fhall be taken into the King's Hand ; (4I I , ' and if any of the Juftices Marfhals do it, they fhall ' be grievoufly punifhed at the King's Pleafure ; (;) ' and as well the one as the other fhall pay unto the ' Complainants the treble Value of that they have re- I ' ceived in fuch manner.' . _, S e 12 Ed. i, menl on Officers of the Courts taking more than tleir Fees. And liiewife the References to c. »5» H 2 CAP.