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52 C. 3 1—3 3- Anno tertio Edwardi I. A. D. 1275, ■z Infh 2-19, 9 H. ■ 1. Jevot in the CAP. XXXI. The Penalty for taking exceffive Toll in a City, &c. Murage granted to Cities. See Weirm. 2, 13 £rf. I. fiat, 1. TOuching them that take outragious Toll, con- trary to the common Cuftom of the Realm, in Market-Towns ; it is provided, That if any do fo in the King's Town, which is let in Fee-farm, the King fhall feife into his own Hand the Franchife of the Market; and if it be another's Town, and the fame be done by the Lord of the Town, the King {hall do in like manner; (2) and if it be done by a Bailiff, * or an •mean Officer, without the Command- ment of his Lord, he mallreftore to the Plaintiff as 'mucli more for the outragious taking, as he had of him, if he had carried away his Toll, and mall have forty Days imprifohtnent. (3) Touching Citizens 'arid Burgeffes, towhom the King or his Father hath granted Murage to enclofe their Towns, which take iiich Murage otherwife than it was gi*anted unto them, and thereof be attainted j It Is provided, That they fhall lofe their Grant for ever, and ihall be grie- voufly amerced unto the King.' 0. 25. vibicb gives an Affizcof Novel Dffcifinfor Tj!!, &c. Cotton MS. E ceux qe pernent outrageous tholun, encon- tre comune ufage del Roialme, en vile mar- chaunte ; purveu eft, qe fi nul le face en la ville le Roi mefmes, qe foit a fee ferme, le Roi prendra la fraunchife del marche en fa main ; & fi ceo eft autw ville, & foit fait per le feignur de mefme la .ville, le Roi fra per. mefme la manere; & fil foit fait per le Baillif fauriz le comaundement le feignur, il rendra al pleintif a taunt pur loulrageoufe pris, come il voufoit aver pris de luy, fil euft emporte fon tholon, & ovefqe ceo il avera la prifone de quarant jours. De Citeins & de Burghes, a qi le le, Roi ou fon pier ad graunte murage, pur lour ville enclofe, & qe cele murage pernent autrement qe'lour eft graunte, & de ceo foient atteintz; pur- veu eft, qils perdent celle grace [graunte] de toute le temps qe ferra a venir, Ac ferront en la greve 'mercy le Roi. CAP. XXXII. The Penalty of Purveyors not-paying for what they take. The King's Carriages. Enforced and amended by aSEd. i. fiat.; Taking of Horfes and Carts for the Kins. 21 R.a.c. 5. f Erfti.ctd by s8H. 6. c. 2.

  • For or by one

that iz not of tie Court, nad or ly one that is of the Cow r, or b' Car. 2. C F fuch as take Victual or other Things to the King's Ufe upon Credence, or to the Garrifon ' of a Caftle, or otherwife, and when they have re- ' ceived their Payment in the Exchequer or in the '•Wardrobe, or otherwhere, they with-hold it from' '. the Creditors, to their greatDamage, and Slander of '■ the King; it is provided, for fuch as have Lands or "• Tenements, That incontinent it fhall be levied of '• their Lands, or of their Goods, and paid unto the ' Creditors, with the Damages they have fuftained, ' and (hall make Fine for the Trefpafs ; and if they ' have no Lands nor Goods, they fhall be irnprifoned ' at the King's Will, (z) And of fuch as take Part ' of the King's Debts, or other Rewards of the King's ' Creditors for to make Payment of the fame Debts ; ' it is provided, That they fhall pay the Double there- ' of, and be grievoufly punifhed at the King's Pleafure. ' (3) And of fuch as take Horfe or Carts for the King's ' Carriage more than need, and take Rewards to let ' fuch Horfe or Carts go; it is provided, That if any ' of the Court fo do, he fhall be grievoufly punifhed by ' the Marfhals ; (4) and if it be done, out of the Court, ' * or by one that is not of the Court, and be thereof at- ' tainted, he fhall pay treble Damages, and fhall re- ^ ceux qui pernent vitaille, ou null riens al oeps le Roi a creaunce, ou a garnifon del Chattel, ou aillours, & quant ils avont refceu le paiement al Efcheqer, ou engarderobe, ou aillours, detiegnent le paiement tie creaunceours, a graunt damage deeux, '& en efclaundre de Roi; purveu. eft, de ceux qount terres & tenementz, qe meinte- n'ant foit leve ceo de lour terres, & de lour cha- teux, & paie as creaunceours, ove les damages qils averont eu, & foient reint pur le trefpas; & fil neient terre, ne tenement, foient en la prifone a la volunte le Roi. De ceux qui partie de dette le Roi, ou autres lowers pernent de creaunceours le Roi, pur faire le paie de mefmes celes dettes ;• pur-' veu eft, qil rendent le double, & foient puniz gre- vement a la volunte le Roi. Et de ceux qi pernent chivaux, ou charettes, affaire le cariage le Roi,, pluis qe miefter ne ferroit, & pernent lowers pur releffer les chivaux, ou les charettes ; purveu eft, qe fi nul de la Court le face, fi ferra grevement chaftie per les Marefchals; & fi ceo foit fait hors. de la Courte, per homme de la Court, ou per au- tre, & il en foit atteint, fi rendra le treble, & ferra en la prifone le Roi quarant jours. Mutiny /lei:. t Co. 36. main in the King's Prifon forty Days. >y any o'.btr. See 31. Ed. 3. c. 2. Obf. the 12 Car. 2. c. 24. taking away Purveyance. But fee 13 Car. 2. fiat. c. 8, and 1 Joe. 2. c. 20. 13 fif 14 20. fif; ending the 12 Car. 2. in favour oftbeKing's royal Prognfjh, and of bis Navy and Ordnance, lubicb Ails arc all expired, S$e likcwife tbe yearly 2 fnlt. 2T3. ■{• This Jeems to he a m'tftak n Reference, CAP. XXXIII.

No Maintainers of Quarrels fhall be fuffered. T is provided, That no Sheriff fhall fuffer any Parretors or Maintainers of Quarrels in their Shires, neither Stewards of great Lords, nor other (unlefs he be Attorney for his Lord) to make Suit, nor to give Judgements in the Counties, nor to pro- 4 P' Urveu eft, qe nul Vifcont ne fuffre barettour maintener paroles en Countees, ne fenefchabc de graunts feignors, ne dautrcs qi ne .foit attourne fon feignur, a feute faire, ou feutcr defaire les Ju- fticementz des Countees, ne pronuncier les Jufti- cementz,