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8. Filial Piety in Government 474
9. The Government of the Sages 476
10. An Orderly Description of the Acts of Filial Piety 480
11. Filial Piety in Relation to the Five Punishments 481
12. Amplification of 'the All-embracing Rule of Conduct' in Chapter 1 481
13. Amplification of 'the Perfect Virtue' in Chapter 1 482
14. Amplification of 'Making our Name Famous' in Chapter 1 483
15. Filial Piety in Relation to Reproof and Remonstrance 483
16. The Influence of Filial Piety and the Response to it 484
17. The Service of the Ruler 486
18. Filial Piety in Mourning for Parents 487

Transliteration of Oriental Alphabets adopted for the Translations of the Sacred Books of the East