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4. The worm which is in the entrails, and he that is in the head, likewise the one that is in the ribs: avaskava and vyadhvara, the worms, do we crush with (this) charm.

5. The worms that are within the mountains, forests, plants, cattle, and the waters, those that have settled in our bodies, all that brood of the worms do I smite.

II, 32. Charm against worms in cattle.

1. The rising sun shall slay the worms, the setting sun with his rays shall slay the worms that are within the cattle!

2. The variegated worm, the four-eyed, the speckled, and the white—I crush his ribs, and I tear off his head.

3. Like Atri, like Kanva, and like Gamadagni do I slay you, ye worms! With the incantation of Agastya do I crush the worms to pieces.

4. Slain is the king of the worms, and their viceroy also is slain. Slain is the worm, with him his mother slain, his brother slain, his sister slain.

5. Slain are they who are inmates with him, slain are his neighbours; moreover all the quite tiny worms are slain.

6. I break off thy two horns with which thou deliverest thy thrusts; I cut that bag of thine which is the receptacle for thy poison.

V, 23. Charm against worms in children.

1. I have called upon heaven and earth, I have called upon the goddess Sarasvatî, I have called