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the balâsa, and the pain in the limbs, the takman that comes every autumn, may the gangida render devoid of force!

XIX, 35. Charm with an amulet derived from the gangida-tree, against diseases and demons.

1. While uttering Indra's name the seers bestowed (upon men) the gangida, which the gods in the beginning had made into a remedy, destructive of the vishkandha. 2 . May that gangida protect us as a treasurer his treasures, he whom the gods and the Brâhmanas made into a refuge that puts to naught the hostile powers!

3. The evil eye of the hostile-minded, (and) the evil-doer I have approached. Do thou, O thousand-eyed one, watchfully destroy these! A refuge art thou, O gangida.

4. May the gangida protect me from heaven, protect me from earth, protect (me) from the atmosphere, protect me from the plants, protect me from the past, as well as the future; may he protect us from every direction of space!

5. The sorceries performed by the gods, and also those performed by men, may the all-healing gangida render them all devoid of strength!

VI, 85. Exorcism of disease by means of an amulet from the varana-tree.

1. This divine tree, the varana, shall shut out (vârayâtai). The gods, too, have shut out (avîvaran) the disease that hath entered into this man!

2. By Indra's command, by Mitra's and by