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��I, 2 has, ;7gya^^u//sainatharva;/aj- /'atvaro veda/; ; I, 4, rig- ya^u/zsamatharvarupa/! surya// ; II, i ( = Nr/.siwhottarata- panl Up. 3 ; Atharvaj-ikba Up. i), r/gbhi// rz'gveda//, ya^r- bhir ya^urveda//, samabhi// samaveda/^,atharva;/air mantrair atharvaveda// ; in V, 9 it falls into the broader style of reference, rika/L ya^uwshi, samani, atharva/^am, aiigirasam, ^akha//, pura//ani, kalpan, gatha//, narajawsi//, leading up finally to pra;^avam, the Om which embraces all (sarvam). But in V, 2 we have r/gmaya/// ya^urmaya;// samamaya?;/ brahmamayam amr/tamayam, where brahmamayam ob- viously refers to the brahmavidya, the holy science, not to the fourth Veda, the Brahmaveda ^ And thus the Brah- mavidya Up. 5 ff. recounts the merits of the traividya, culminating in the Om, without reference to the Atharvan. It seems clear that even the Atharvan Upanishads as a class are engaged neither in defending the Atharvan from attack, nor in securing for it any degree of prominence. Other references to the Atharvan occur in Atharvai'iras i, rzg ahaw ya^r ahaw sama^^ham atharvangiraso-ham ; Mu- ktika Up. 12-14, rzgveda, ya^uZ', saman, atharva;^a ; ibid, i, atharvavedagatanam . . . upanishadam ; Maha Up. 3, gaya- trani k/ia.nda. r/gveda//, traish/ubha;« Mando ya^rveda/?, CSLQ-atam k/ianda/i samaveda^/, anush/ubha/// /V/ando>^tharva- veda/^ Cf also /ifulika Up. 10, 13, H-

On turning to the Gr/hya-sutras it would be natural to anticipate a closer degree of intimacy with the Atharvan, and hence a more frequent and less formulaic ^Jnthr reference to its writings. For the subject- Gr/hya- matter of these texts is itself, broadly speak- ing, Atharvanic, besides being dashed strongly with many elements of vidhana or sorcery-practice, i.e. Atharvanic features in the narrower sense and by dis- tinction I Many verses quoted in the G/Vhya-sutras are

1 The Upanishads do not designate the fourth Veda as Brahmaveda, unless we trust certain doubtful variants and addenda, reported by Weber, Ind. Stud. I, 301, note. The earlie-t occurrence of Brahmaveda is at 5ahkh. Gr/h. I, 16, 13 (see above, p. xxvii).

2 Cf., e.g. the use of roots. Par. I, 13, i ; .Vankh. I. 19, i ; 23, i ; the battle- charm, A.rv. III. 12 i^cl. p. 117 ff. of this vclume: ; the bhaisha^yani, ' remedial charms,' Ajv. Ill, 6, 3 ft".; Par. I, 16, 24 ft.; Ill, 6; Hir. II, 7;

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