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5. The paths were golden, and golden were the oars; golden were the ships, upon which they carried forth the kushtha hither (to the mountain).

6. This person here, O kushtha, restore for me, and cure him! Render him free from sickness for me!

7. Thou art born of the gods, thou art Soma's good friend. Be thou propitious to my in-breathing and my out-breathing, and to this eye of mine!

8. Sprung in the north from the Himavant (mountains), thou art brought to the people in the east. There the most superior varieties of the kushtha were apportioned.

9. 'Superior,' O kushtha, is thy name; 'superior' is the name of thy father. Do thou drive out all disease, and render the takman devoid of strength!

10. Pain in the head, affliction in the eye, and ailment of the body, all that shall the kushtha heal-a divinely powerful (remedy), forsooth!

XIX, 39. Prayer to the kushtha-plant to destroy takman (fever), and other ailments.

1. May the protecting god kushtha come hither from the Himavant: destroy thou every takman, and all female spooks!

2. Three names hast thou, O kushtha, (namely: kushtha), na-ghâ-mâra ('forsooth-no-death'), and na-ghâ-risha ('forsooth-no-harm'). Verily no harm shall suffer (na ghâ . . . rishat) this person here, for whom I bespeak thee morn and eve, aye the (entire) day!

3. Thy mother's name is gîvalâ ('quickening'), thy father's name is gîvanta ('living'). Verily no