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Mohammed of imposture; so did other nations deal with their prophets and were punished for it. Mohammed is cleared of the suspicion of insanity. The wretched plight of the misbelievers on the last day.

ⅩⅩⅩⅤ. The Chapter of the Angels, or, the Creator. (Mecca.)

Praise of God, who makes the angels his messengers. God’s unity: apostles before Mohammed were accused of imposture. Punishment in store for the unbelievers. Mohammed is not to be vexed on their account. God sends rain to quicken the dead earth: this is a sign of the resurrection. The power of God shown in all nature: the helplessness of the idols. They will disclaim their worshippers at the resurrection. No soul shall bear the burden of another. Mohammed cannot compel people to believe: he is only a warner. Other nations have accused their prophets of imposture, and perished. Reward of the God-fearing, of believers, and of those who read and follow the Qurʼân: punishment of hell for the infidels. The idolaters shall be confounded on the judgment day. The Qurâis in spite of their promises and of the examples around them are more arrogant and unbelieving than other people. If God were to punish men as they deserve he would not leave so much as a beast on the earth; but He respites them for a time.

ⅩⅩⅩⅥ. The Chapter of Y. S. (Mecca.)

Mohammed is God’s messenger, and the Qurʼân is a revelation from God to warn a heedless people. The infidels are predestined not to believe. All men’s works shall be recorded. The apostles of Jesus rejected at Antioch: ʿHabîb en Naggâr exhorts the people to follow their advice: he is stoned to death by the populace: Gabriel cries out and the sinful people are destroyed. Men will laugh at the apostles who come to them; but they have an example in the nations who have perished before them. The quickening of the dead earth is a sign of the resurrection. God’s power shown in the procreation of species. The alternation of night and day, the phases of the moon, the sun and moon in their orbits, are signs of God’s power. So too the preservation of men in ships at sea. Almsgiving enjoined: the unbelievers jeer at the command. The sudden coming of the judgment day. Blessed