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state of the believers in Paradise, and misery of the unbelievers in hell. Mohammed is no mere poet. The Qurʼân an admonition. God’s providence. The false gods will not be able to help their worshippers. Proofs of the resurrection.

ⅩⅩⅩⅦ. The Chapter of the Ranged. (Mecca.)

Oath by the angels ranged in rank, by those who drive the clouds, and by those who rehearse the Qurʼân that God is one alone. They guard the gates of heaven, and pelt the devils who would listen there with shooting-stars. Do the Meccans imagine themselves stronger than the angels that they mock at God’s signs and deny the resurrection? The false gods and the Meccans shall recriminate each other at the judgment day. They say now, 'Shall we leave our gods for a mad poet?' They shall taste hell-fire for their unbelief, while the believers are in Paradise. Description of the delights thereof: the maidens there: the blessed shall see their unbelieving former comrades in hell. Immortality of the blessed. Ez Zaqqûm the accursed tree in hell: horrors of that place. The posterity of Noah were blessed. Abraham mocks at and breaks the idols. He is condemned to be burnt alive, but is delivered: is commanded to offer up his son Ishmael as a sacrifice; obeys, but his son is spared. His posterity is blessed. Moses and Aaron too left a good report behind them; so too did Elias, who protested against the worship of Baal. Lot was saved. Jonas was delivered after having been thrown overboard and swallowed by a fish. The gourd. Jonas is sent to preach to the people of the city (of Nineveh). The Meccans rebuked for saying that God has daughters, and for saying that He is akin to the ginns. The angels declare that they are but the humble servants of God. The success of the prophet and the confusion of the infidels foretold.

ⅩⅩⅩⅧ. The Chapter of S. (Mecca.)

Oath by the Qurʼân. Example of former generations who perished for unbelief and for saying that their prophets were sorcerers and the Scriptures forgeries: the Meccans are warned thereby. Any hosts of the confederates shall be routed. Fate of the people of Noah, ʿÂd, Pharaoh, Thamûd, and Lot: the Meccans must expect the same. Mohammed exhorted to be patient of what they say: he is reminded of the powers bestowed on David. The parable of the ewe lambs proposed to David by