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ⅩⅬⅡ. The Chapter of Counsel. (Mecca.)

The Qurʼân inspired by God to warn 'the Mother of cities' of the judgment to come. God is one, the creator of all things, who provides for all. He calls men to the same religion as that of the prophets of old, which men have broken up into sects. Mohammed has only to proclaim his message. Those who argue about God shall be confuted. None knows when the Hour shall come but God. The idolaters shall only have their portion in this life. God will vindicate the truth of His revelation. His creation and providence signs of His power. Men’s misfortunes by land and sea are due to their own sins. The provision of the next world is best for the righteous. It is not sinful to retaliate if wronged, though forgiveness is a duty. The sinners shall have none to help them on the day of judgment: they are exhorted to repent before it comes. Ingratitude of man. God controls all. No mortal has ever seen God face to face: He speaks to men only through inspiration or his apostles. This Qurʼân was revealed by a spirit to guide into the right way.

ⅩⅬⅢ. The Chapter of Gilding. (Mecca.)

The original of the Qurʼân is with God. The example of the nations of old who mocked at the prophets. God the creator. Men are bidden to praise Him who provides man with ships and cattle whereon to ride. The Arabs are rebuked for attributing female offspring to God, when they themselves repine when a female child is born to any one of them. They are also blamed for asserting that the angels are females. The excuse that this was the religion of their fathers will not avail: it is the same as older nations made: their fate. Abraham disclaimed idolatry. The Meccans were permitted to enjoy prosperity only until the Apostle came; and now that he has come they reject him. They are reproved for saying that had the prophet been a man of consideration at Mecca and Tâʼif they would have owned him. Misbelievers would have had still more wealth and enjoyment, but that men would have then all become infidels. Those who turn from the admonition shall be chained to devils, who shall mislead them. God will take vengeance on them whether Mohammed live to see it or not: he is encouraged to persevere. Moses was mocked by Pharaoh, whom he was sent to warn. But Pharaoh and his people