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were drowned. Answer to the Arabs who objected that Jesus too must come under the ban against false gods. But Jesus did not assume to be a god. Threat of the coming of the Hour. The joys of Paradise and the terrors of Hell. The damned shall beg Mâlik to make an end of them. The recording angels note down the secret plots of the infidels. God has no son: He is the Lord of all.

ⅩⅬⅣ. The Chapter of Smoke. (Mecca.)

Night of the revelation of the Qurʼân. Unity of God. Threat of the last day, when a smoke shall cover the heavens, and the unbelievers shall be punished for rejecting the prophet and saying he is taught by others or distracted. Fate of Pharaoh for rejecting Moses: fate of the people of Tubbâʼh. The judgment day: the tree Zaqqûm and the punishment of hell. Paradise and the virgins thereof. The Qurʼân revealed in Arabic for an admonition.

ⅩⅬⅤ. The Chapter of the Kneeling. (Mecca.)

God revealed in nature: denunciation of the infidels: trading by sea a sign of God’s providence. The law first given to Israel, then to Mohammed in the Qurʼân. Answer to the infidels who deny the resurrection, and warning of their fate on that day.

ⅩⅬⅥ. The Chapter of El Aʿhqâf. (Mecca.)

God the only God and creator. The unbelievers call Mohammed a sorcerer or a forger. The book of Moses was revealed before, and the Qurʼân is a confirmation of it in Arabic. Conception, birth, and life of man. Kindness to parents and acceptance of Islâm enjoined. The misbelievers are warned by the example of ʿÂd, who dwelt in Aʿhqâf; and by that of the cities whose ruins lie around Mecca. Allusion to the ginns who listened to Mohammed’s preaching at Naʿhleh on his return from Tâʼif. Warning to unbelievers of the punishment of the last day.

ⅩⅬⅦ. The Chapter of Mohammed, also called Fight. (Medînah.)

Promise of reward to believers. Exhortation to deal severely with the enemy. Description of Paradise and of Hell. Reproof to some pretended believers and hypocrites who hesitate to obey the command to make war against the unbeliever. Their secret malice shall be revealed. Exhortation to believe, and to obey God and the Apostle, and sacrifice all for the faith.