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Qurʼân. The division of the spoils. The treacherous conduct of the hypocrites. The power of the Qurʼân. God’s mighty attributes.

ⅬⅩ. The Chapter of the Tried. (Medînah.)

Exhortations to the Muslims not to treat secretly with the Qurâis. Abraham’s example. Other idolaters who have not borne arms against them may be made friends of. Women who desert from the infidels are to be tried before being received into Islâm; if they are really believers they are ipso facto divorced. The husbands are to be recompensed to the amount of the women’s dowries.

LⅪ. The Chapter of the Ranks. (Mecca.)

Believers are bidden to keep their word and to fight for the faith. Moses was disobeyed by his people. Jesus prophesies the coming of Aʿhmed: the Christians rebuked.

LⅫ. The Chapter of the Congregation. (Medînah.)

God has sent the 'illiterate prophet.' The Jews rebuked for unbelief. Muslims are not to leave the congregation during divine service for the sake of merchandise.

ⅬⅩⅢ. The Chapter of the Hypocrites. (Medînah.)

The treacherous designs of the hypocrites revealed.

ⅬⅩⅣ. The Chapter of Cheating. (Place of origin doubtful.)

God the creator: the resurrection: the unity of God. Wealth and children must not distract men from the service of God.

ⅬⅩⅤ. The Chapter of Divorce. (Medînah.)

The laws of divorce. The Arabs are admonished, by the fate of former nations, to believe in God. The seven stories of heaven and earth.

ⅬⅩⅥ. The Chapter of Prohibition. (Medînah.)

The prophet is relieved from a vow he had made to please his wives. The jealousies in his harem occasioned by his intrigue with the Coptic slave-girl Mary. Exhortation to hostilities against the infidels. The example of the disobedient wives of Noah and Lot: and of the good wife of Pharaoh: and of the Virgin Mary.