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ⅬⅩⅦ. The Chapter of the Kingdom. (Mecca.)

God the lord of the heavens; the marvels thereof. The discomfiture of the misbelievers in Hell. The power of God exhibited in nature. Warnings and threats of punishment.

LXⅧ. The Chapter of the Pen (also called Nûn). (Mecca.)

Mohammed is neither mad nor an impostor. Denounced by an insolent opponent. Example from the fate of the owner of the 'gardens.' Unbelievers threatened. Mohammed exhorted to be patient and not to follow the example of Jonah.

ⅬⅩⅨ. The Chapter of the Infallible. (Mecca.)

The infallible judgment. Fate of those who denied it, of ʿÂd, Thamûd, and Pharaoh. The deluge and the last judgment. Vindication of Mohammed from the charge of having forged the Qurʼân.

ⅬⅩⅩ. The Chapter of the Ascents. (Mecca.)

An unbeliever mockingly calls for a judgment on himself and his companions. The terrors of the judgment day. Man’s ingratitude. Adultery denounced. Certainty of the judgment day.

ⅬⅩⅪ. The Chapter of Noah. (Mecca.)

Noah’s preaching to the antediluvians: their five idols also worshipped by the Arabs: their fate.

ⅬⅩⅫ. The Chapter of the Ginn. (Mecca.)

A crowd of ginns listen to Mohammed’s teaching at Naʿhleh: their account of themselves. Mohammed exhorted to persevere in preaching.

ⅬⅩⅩⅢ. The Chapter of the Enwrapped. (Mecca.)

Mohammed when wrapped up in his mantle is bidden to arise and pray: is bidden to repeat the Qurʼân and to practise devotion by night: he is to bear with the unbelievers for a while. Pharaoh rejected the Apostle sent to him. Stated times for prayer prescribed. Almsgiving prescribed.

ⅬⅩⅩⅣ. The Chapter of the Covered. (Mecca.)

Mohammed while covered up is bidden to arise and preach[1].

  1. This part of the sûrah is the second revelation after the appearance of the archangel Gabriel on Mount Hirâ; see Introduction, p. ⅹⅹ.