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cared for him hitherto; he is to be charitable in return, and to publish God’s goodness.

ⅩⅭⅣ. The Chapter of 'Have we not expanded?' (Mecca.)

God has made Mohammed’s mission easier to him.

ⅩⅭⅤ. The Chapter of the Fig. (Place of origin doubtful.)

The degradation of man: future reward and punishment.

ⅩⅭⅥ. The Chapter of Congealed Blood. (Mecca.)

Mohammed’s first call to 'Read' the Qurʼân. Denunciation of Abu Laheb for his opposition.

ⅩⅭⅦ. The Chapter of 'Power.' (Place of origin doubtful.)

The Qurʼân revealed on 'the night of power.' Its excellence: angels descend thereon.

ⅩⅭⅧ. The Chapter of the Manifest Sign. (Place of origin doubtful.)

Rebuke to Jews and Christians for doubting the manifest sign of Mohammed’s mission.

ⅩⅭⅨ. The Chapter of the Earthquake. (Place of origin doubtful.)

The earthquake preceding the judgment day.

Ⅽ. The Chapter of the Chargers. (Mecca.)

Oath by the charging of war horses. Man is ungrateful: certainty of the judgment.

ⅭⅠ. The Chapter of the Smiting. (Mecca.)

The terrors of the last day and of hell-fire.

ⅭⅡ. The Chapter of the Contention about Numbers. (Place of origin doubtful.)

Two families of the Arabs rebuked for contending which was the more numerous. Warning of the punishment of hell.

ⅭⅢ. The Chapter of the Afternoon. (Mecca.)

Believers only shall prosper.

ⅭⅣ. The Chapter of the Backbiter. (Mecca.)

Backbiters shall be cast into hell.