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ⅭⅤ. The Chapter of the Elephant. (Mecca.)

The miraculous destruction of the Abyssinian army under Abraha al Asram by birds when invading Mecca with elephants.

ⅭⅥ. The Chapter of the Quraîs. (Mecca.)

The Qurâis are bidden to give thanks to God for the trade of their two yearly caravans.

ⅭⅦ. The Chapter of 'Necessaries.' (Place of origin doubtful.)

Denunciation of the unbelieving and uncharitable.

ⅭⅧ. The Chapter of El Kâuthar. (Mecca.)

Mohammed is commanded to offer the sacrifices out of his abundance. Threat that his enemies shall be childless.

ⅭⅨ. The Chapter of the Misbelievers. (Mecca.)

The prophet will not follow the religion of the misbelievers.

ⅭⅩ. The Chapter of Help. (Mecca.)

Prophecy that men shall join Islam by troops.

ⅭⅪ. The Chapter of Abu Laheb. (Mecca.)

Denunciation of Abu Laheb and his wife, who are threatened with hell fire.

ⅭⅫ. The Chapter of Unity. (Place of origin doubtful.)

Declaration of God’s unity.

ⅭⅩⅢ. The Chapter of the Daybreak. (Place of origin doubtful.)

The prophet seeks refuge in God from evil influences.

ⅭⅩⅣ. The Chapter of Men. (Place of origin doubtful.)

The prophet seeks refuge in God from the devil and his evil suggestions.