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Ⅵ, 12-21.
the chapter of cattle.

He will surely gather you together for the resurrection day. There is no doubt in that, but those who waste their souls[1] will not believe.

His is whatsoever dwells in the night or in the day, He both hears and knows.

Say, ‘Other than God shall I take for a patron, the Originator of the heavens and the earth ? He feedeth men, but is not fed.’ Say, ‘I am bidden to be the first of those resigned ;’ and it was said to me, ‘Be not thou of the idolaters.’ 15 Say, ‘I fear, if I rebel against my Lord, the torment of the mighty day.’

Whomsoever it is averted from on that day, God will have had mercy on ; and that is obvious happiness.

And if God touch thee with harm, there is none to take it off but He ; and if He touch thee with good, He is mighty over all. He is sovereign over His servants, He is the wise, the aware !

Say, ‘What is the greatest witness ?’ Say, ‘God is witness between you and me.’ This Qur’ân was inspired to me to warn you and those it reaches. Do ye really bear witness that with God are other gods ? Say, ‘I bear not witness thereto :’ say, ‘He is but one God, and I am clear of your associating (gods with him).’

20 Those to whom we have brought the Book know him[2] as they know their sons; — those who lose their souls do not believe.

Who is more unjust than he who forges against God a lie, or says His signs are lies ? verily, the unjust shall not prosper.

  1. I.e. their innate propensities to good and their reason.
  2. Mohammed.