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118 the qur’ân. Ⅵ, 22-31.

On the day when we shall gather them all together, then shall we say to those who have associated others with ourself, ‘Where are your associates whom ye did pretend?’ Then they will have no excuse but to say, ‘By God our Lord, we did not associate (others with thee) !’ See how they lie against themselves, and how what they did forge deserts them ! 25 And they are some who listen unto thee, but we have placed a veil upon their hearts lest they should understand it, and in their ears is dulness of hearing ; and though they saw each sign they would not believe therein; until when they come to thee to wrangle with thee, the unbelievers say, ‘These are but old folks’ tales.’

They forbid it and they avoid it; — but they destroy none but themselves; yet they do not perceive.

But couldst thou see when they are set over the fire and say, ‘Would that we were sent back ! we would not call our Lord’s signs lies, but we would be of the believers ?’ Nay ! now is shown to them what they did hide before ; and could they be sent back, they would return to that they were forbidden, for they are very liars.

They say there is naught but this life of ours in the world and we shall not be raised. 30 But couldst thou see when they are set before their Lord ; he says, ‘Is not this the truth ?’ They say, ‘Yea, by our Lord !’ he says, ‘Then taste the torment, for that ye did misbelieve !’

Losers are they who disbelieved in meeting God, until when the hour comes suddenly upon them they say, ‘Woe is us for our neglect thereof!’ for they