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Ⅵ, 51-60.
the chapter of cattle.

Admonish therewith those who fear that they shall be gathered unto their Lord; there is no patron for them but Him, and no intercessor; haply they may fear.

Repulse not those who call upon their Lord in the morning and in the evening, desiring His face ; they have no reckoning against thee at all, and thou hast no reckoning against them at all ; — repulse them and thou wilt be of the unjust.

So have we tried some of them by others, that they may say, ‘Are these those unto whom God has been gracious amongst ourselves ?’ Does not God know those who give thanks ?

And when those who believe in our signs come to thee, say, ‘Peace be on you ! God hath prescribed for Himself mercy ; verily, he of you who does evil in ignorance, and then turns again and does right, — verily, He is forgiving and merciful.’

55 Thus do we detail our signs, that the way of the sinners may be made plain.

Say, ‘I am forbidden to worship those ye call upon beside God ;’ say, ‘I will not follow your lusts, for then should I err and not be of the guided.’

Say, ‘I stand on a manifestation from my Lord, which ye call a lie. I have not with me what ye fain would hasten on, that the matter might be settled between me and you ; but God knows best who are the unjust.’

With Him are the keys[1] of the unseen. None knows them save He; He knows what is in the

  1. Most of the Mohammedan commentators say this word means ‘treasuries.’ The allusion, however, is obviously to the Rabbinical tradition of the three keys, in the hands of God.