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Ⅵ, 100-108.
the qur′ân.

God, though He created them ! and they ascribed to Him sons and daughters, though they have no knowledge ; celebrated be His praise ! and exalted be He above what they attribute to Him! The inventor of the heavens and the earth! how can He have a son, when He has no female companion, and when He has created everything, and everything He knows ?

There is God for you, — your Lord ! There is no god but He, the Creator of everything; then worship Him, for He o′er everything keeps guard !

Sight perceives Him not, but He perceives men's sights ; for He is the subtle, the aware.

Now has an insight from your Lord come unto you, and he who looks therewith it is for himself; but he who is blind thereto, it is against his soul ; and I am not your keeper.

105 Thus do we turn about the signs, that they may say, ‘Thou hast studied,’ and that we may explain to those who know.

Follow what is revealed to thee from thy Lord ; there is no god but He, and shun the idolaters.

But had God pleased, they would not have associated aught with Him ; but we have not made thee a keeper over them, nor art thou for them a warder.

Do not abuse those who call on other than God, for then they may abuse God openly in their ignorance. So do we make seemly to every nation their work, then unto their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they have done.

    of the powers of nature. The word ginn is the same as that which in the old translation of the Arabian Nights is rendered ‘genie.’