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Ⅵ, 109-116.
the chapter of cattle.

They swore by God with their most strenuous oath, that if there come to them a sign they will indeed believe therein. Say, ‘Signs are only in God’s hands ; — but what will make you understand that even when one has come, they will not believe ?’

110 We will overturn their hearts and their eye-sights, even as they believed not at first ; and we will leave them, in their rebellion, blindly wandering on.

And had we sent down unto them the angels, or the dead had spoken to them, or we had gathered everything unto them in hosts[1], they would not have believed unless that God pleased — but most of them are ignorant.

So have we made for every prophet an enemy, — devils of men and ginns; some of them inspire others with specious speech to lead astray ; but had thy Lord pleased they would not have done it ; so leave them with what they do devise.

And let the hearts of those who believe not in the hereafter listen to it ; and let them be well pleased with it ; and let them gain what they may gain !

Of other than God shall I crave a decree, when it is He who has sent down to you the Book in detail, and those to whom we gave the Book know that it is sent down from thy Lord, in truth ? be thou not then of those who doubt.

115 The words of thy Lord are fulfilled in truth and justice; there is none to change His words, for He both hears and knows.

But if thou followest most of those who are in the

  1. This word may also be rendered ‘before them’ or ‘a surety’ (for the truth of the revelation).