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130 the qur’ân. Ⅵ, 116-124.

land, they will lead thee astray from the path of God ; they only follow suspicion and they only (rest on) conjecture.

Thy Lord, He knows best who errs from His path, and He knows best the guided.

Eat then of what God’s name has been pronounced over, if ye believe in His signs. What ails you that ye do not eat from what God’s name is pronounced over, when He has detailed to you what is unlawful for you ? Save what ye are forced to ; but, verily, many will lead you astray by their fancies, without knowledge. Verily, thy Lord knows best the transgressors.

120 Leave alone the outside of sin and the inside thereof; verily, those who earn sin shall be recompensed for what they have gained.

But eat not of what the name of God has not been pronounced over, for, verily, it is an abomination.

Verily, the devils inspire their friends that they may wrangle with you ; but if ye obey them, verily, ye are idolaters.

Is he who was dead and we have quickened him, and made for him a light, that he might walk therein amongst men, like him whose likeness is in the darkness whence he cannot come forth ? Thus is made seemly to the misbelievers what they have done.

And thus have we placed in every town the great sinners thereof, that they may use craft therein ; but they use not craft except against themselves, although they do not understand.

And when there comes to them a sign, they say, ‘We will not believe until we are brought like what the apostles were brought;’ God knows best where